Dogtra 1900 or TriTronics (Gamin) Delta Sport
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Thread: Dogtra 1900 or TriTronics (Gamin) Delta Sport

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    Default Dogtra 1900 or TriTronics (Garmin) Delta Sport

    Another question for the team here. I am a hunter only, not planning on any trials. I can't carry one of those huge transmitters with me in the field.

    Dogtra 1900 or the new Delta Sport

    Delta Pro
    - 3/4 vs 1/2 mile range
    - Li -Ion battery vs NiMH
    - Tone and vibration
    - transmitter floats

    Delta Neg
    - unproven

    Dogtra Pro
    - Proven
    - most variety in stim levels

    Dogtra neg
    - less range
    - just vibration
    - not sure if transmitter floats or not

    Thanks again.
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    I've had 2 Dogtra 1800's for ~10 yrs (batteries replaced after 7 yrs.). Mile range, clicks on levels. Very satisfied, but the model has been discontinued, tho you can still find some in stock. (~$250)

    I've been thinking I'd get a Dogtra 3500 or TT Flyway when I replace, but the Garmin Delta Sport looks very nice. I don't think you'll be dissatisfied with the D 1900, but you might really like the Delta Sport???

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