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Thread: (MN)Duluth Retriever Club FT Results

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    Default (MN)Duluth Retriever Club FT Results

    Unofficial FT results for DRC

    Duluth Retriever Club
    August 13-15, 2004
    Field Trial Results

    Judges: Bob Lindgren and Tim Tidemann
    1st--Dotty's Cruisen Mach Three/Steve Yozamp/Brad Bellmore & Rick Anderson owners
    2nd--Hawkeye's Red White & Blue/Mary Hillman O/H
    3rd--Hawkeye's Red Rock/Brick Hejlik/Pat Huckabay owner
    4th--Hawkeye's Otter/Brick Hejlik/Brick and Roger Myers owners
    RJ--Conzac's Coyote Ugly Jersey/Dave Davis/Gary & Joyce Johnson owners
    Jam--Star's Curious Georgette/Tom Minerick O/H
    Jam--DJ's Timberdoodle Zinsandel/Randy Gohman/John Kohner owner

    Judges: Tom Minerick and Earl Gilman
    1st--Taylorlab's Right On Q/Dave Rorem/Sydney Gardave owner (Littermate to Downtown Dusty Brown)
    2nd--Zinger's Tiger Lilly/Gary McIlwain/McIlwain & Lowell Schwab owners
    3rd--Watersedge Misty Morning/Kim Peterson/Kim & Jan Peterson
    4th--Nan-Dool's Web Slinger/Ralph Dooley/Dooley & Richard Halstead
    Dogs taking 2nd and 4th are littermates
    RJam--Chena River Bursting Covey/Dan Sayles/Tom Torvik
    Jam--Shadow's Velvet Sky/Jack Morris/Robert & Mollie Rascoe
    Jam--Big Knocker By Par/Bruce Peterson O/H
    Jam--Revilo's Chippewa's Hawk MH/Stanley Liszka O/H
    Jam--Marriner's Stormy Black Night/Jack Morris/Gene Kirby owner

    Judges: Jim Dresen and Wayne Anderson
    1st--AFC Candlewood Show Me The Money/Earl Gilman O/H (win gave Chip his AFC)
    2nd--FC AFC Dewey's Drake of Moon River/Gary McIlwain/McIlwain & Lowell Schwab owners
    3rd--Mioak's Better Think Twice/Dave Furin/Dave & Virginia Furin
    4th--FC Max A Million Green Acres/Don Nindorf
    RJ--FC Candlewoods Ebonstar As Good As It Gets/Bob Heise

    Judges: Steve Parker and Todd Scheuble
    1st--FC AFC Watermark's Wizard/Fred Kampo (Amateur handler)
    2nd-- Romeo's Clipper Annie MH/Jeff Wiklund (Am trained/handled--Jeff's first Open finish)
    3rd--Eno Run Jake/Chris Ledford/Tom Parrish
    4th--FC AFC Candlewoods Absolute Power/Judy Powers (Amateur handler)
    RJ--Topgrades Just Do It/Chris Ledford/Frances Earley
    Jam--Meadows Black Ash/Dave Rorem/Ken & Sandi Thorson
    Jam--FC Brantly's Lean Chena/Chris Ledford/Jeff Perloff
    Jam--FC AFC Watermarks Hidden Bay Trapper/Mike Stiglich/Glaze & Stiglich
    Jam--FC Candlewood's Ebonstar As Good As It Gets/Rorem/Heise's
    Jam--Holy Cross's Moses/??/Bellmore/Anderson/Yozamp
    Jam--Shoal Creeks Stormin' Norman MH/Brett Salo
    Jam--Brookdales Sugar and Spice/Jim Powers
    Bob/Ann Heise
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    Nice job of posting the results. Thanks

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