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Thread: Training bred female

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    Default Training bred female

    I just bred my lab female. How long can I train her before having to quit? She is hyper and is a high maintenance female. Will the stress of training and corrections cause any complications? I bred her to my 8 year old male so I probably won't be able to repeat the breeding and I want very badly to have these puppies.

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    After asking several vets, my consensus is to lay off after about the 30 day mark.

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    My vet has told me that exercise is important for the female after breeding. She also said to not over do it though. I let my females get out and run up until last two weeks, if they want. When the tits start getting big then I stop. I have heard of bred females running in hunt test also. For me I would keep them away from any water to guard against any urerian infection.

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    Think you just answered your own question .... "I want very badly to have these puppies". Totally agree on continuing exercise, but why risk the chance of her tripping over something, running into something, etc while running for a mark while training particularly if she is a hard charger.

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    Keep exercising her, whatever you do. "Rest" the entire pregnancy will decrease her muscle and stamina. She needs to be in shape to birth those babies. I personally will continue to carefully train pregnant girls. When they get big and uncomfortable with teats dropping, they will the just go on walks.
    I made the mistake of resting a girl her entire pregnancy because I wanted that litter so badly. She ended up having great difficulty having her babies and her muscles just gave out. In the end, she had to have a c-section, had developed pyo, and had to be spayed. Granted my experience is close to worst case scenario, but I won't make the mistake of letting another girl get out of shape when pregnant.
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    Our reproductive vet recommending no training or running trials for 17 - 21 days after breeding. This is the critical time period during which the embryos are implanting in the uterus.

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    I trial and train for three weeks after the breeding. After that keep exercising her. ....swimming if warm enough, walking, anything to keep muscle tone up. The hardest thing after having her puppies is regaining her strength and muscle memory. Good luck. Hope you have many healthy puppies and that mom comes out stronger then ever.

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    I take it easy for the first 2 weeks after breeding then resume training. Ran a master test with a dog at 41 days and passed a double senior with one on day 44.

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    I recently went thru this last year My dog is not high strung ; but my vet recommended NO water (ponds etc.) while unlikely to cause an infection don't test it not worth the chance if you are all in and really want this litter.... Light training and lots of walking to keep them active and in good shape nothing crazy I would not recommend any serious training just keep up obedience and light work to take best chance not to affect the pregnancy. And yes lighter work outs (hard running) after placenta attached and they are small can become detached attached as noted above

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