Fowl Dawgs or Gun Dog Essentials (Smartworks) which one ??
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Thread: Fowl Dawgs or Gun Dog Essentials (Smartworks) which one ??

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    Default Fowl Dawgs or Gun Dog Essentials (Smartworks) which one ??

    Been following Smartworks so far, Have Smartworks Volume 1, and Puppy Program DVD, and still planning on ordering OB and SmartFetch from Evan, But I was also looking at his Gun Dog Essentials DVD, and was wondering if any of you have viewed this one, and also wondering about Fowl Dawgs ?

    Just wondering which one between Fowl Dawgs, or Smartworks Gun Dog Essentials was the best, and had the most information, didn't know if maybe the Fowl Dawgs would give a diffrent look and training style, or basically the same info and style as Smartworks ?

    Just looking for opinions !

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    Either would probably do. But I used Fowl Dogs and really liked and enjoyed the DVD. Very simple to follow. Got my 3 yo through to Finished. If you have issues you can contact Rick S. for further direction. IMHO
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    I have both, but for me Fowl Dawgs is easier to follow. Rick has been available by phone with any issues that pop up. Dont think you could go wrong with either one.

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    I think Rick's programs are the better of the two. Although he doesn't post on the forums (because he's out training and campaigning dogs), he is available by phone for questions.

    He also guides duck and goose hunts in MN, so is well aware of what a gun dog should be.
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    I have both and am using smartworks on my current dog. If I recall correctly (it's been a while since I watched it) the gundog essentials dvd is excerpts from Evan's other videos and could benefit someone who is not following the entire program. If you are following the book, I would recommend putting your money toward the dvds you mention or the smartfetch book rather than the gundog essentials dvd.

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