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Thread: pup selection advice?

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    Default pup selection advice?

    I have pick of the litter from a solid breeding, There are only two males which is what I am getting so other than any obvious signs of a problem with one is there anything I should look for? I have never picked a pup out, my last dog was a gift and i lucked out and got a solid retriever. I am about ready to just grab one of the two and forget about it.

    Should I bring a wing clipped Pigeon along or anything like that?


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    Senior Member Mark L's Avatar
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    I say that you just go and hang out with both of them for a little bit and pick the one that "FEELS" right, or the one that has the "LOOK" you want in a puppy.

    If that doesn't work, wait until one of them finishes relieving himself and then grab him and go... No messes on the way home

    If it is a good breeding, I'm sure you will be equally as happy with either choice. Good Luck

    Mark, Peyton's Touchdown Pass (JH) and Peyton's Sun-loving Baby Bindi (Troublemaker)

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    Senior Member Wayne Nutt's Avatar
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    I was in the same situation about 9 months ago. Only two males nad I had first pick. I had the breeder pick for me. I am very pleased with Rowdy.
    Wayne Nutt
    Go Nutts with dog training

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    Wayne, I have seen some of your video of rowdy, good stuff.

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    Senior Member Jennifer Henion's Avatar
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    Mine was 10 months ago and I had pick of 6. Did a lot of research on methods to pick a pup and was ready to do all kinds of little tests to see which pup was best.

    All that went out the window when we arrived at the breeders after a days journey to get there. Breeder let out 3 of the pups to chase a pigeon and interact with us. We reserved judgement and our little tests until the next 3 came out. Well out they come and one pup races right to my husband's feet, sat at heel and looked up at him. He picked her up and we both instantly fell in love with her. Can't tell you why and hadn't even seen her retrieve yet. All logic went out the window and we were ready to take her.

    I was afraid to look like an idiot in front of the breeder, though and decided we better make sure she could retrieve. Breeder released a clip wing and pup chased it down and retrieved it to hand 3 times. SOLD!

    But if you're able to keep your witts about you, my mentor told me to look for the pup who makes good eye contact and reacts with lots of awareness to the environment or new sounds, but can quickly recover and re-focus on you. These are pups willing to work with you!

    The breeder will know more than you can gather in an hour, so decide what kind of dog you want and ask the breeder which pup will best match that goal!

    Good luck - I'm jealous!!!
    ​"Power is of two kinds. One is obtained through the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment." Mahatma Gandhi

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    Senior Member Ed Bahr's Avatar
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    I have the same situation with first pick male and only two males.....I got to visit the other day and will pick up on the 12th......I have been talking with breeder and getting pics and videos. Kind of decided with guidance of breeder.........will make it official on the 12th.

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    Member Griddoc's Avatar
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    Apr 2011


    Big vs Small. Hyper vs Calm. I took the advice from breeder and had him access the disposition. This was great and worked out well.

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    Senior Member John Lash's Avatar
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    It doesn't really matter, I know. But, I still have to play with them, lean towards one over the other for various reasons. Then let the other one try to change my mind.

    Mostly the one that's at least aware that I'm there. Not the timid one, not the boldest one, the "smart" one.

    Many people say that the pup picks you, and that may be true.

    Be aware that the fireball you see when you go, is probably the one that was sleeping until you arrived, and the sleepy one has been running around.
    John Lash

    "If you run Field Trials, you learn to swallow your disappointment quickly."

    "Field trials are not a game for good dogs. They're for great dogs with great training." E. Graham

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    Senior Member 2tall's Avatar
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    When I made "first pick" I already had an idea which one I wanted from photos from 3 weeks on. When I got there and had to close the deal, the one I had picked initially, time and again chose to leave the group and come to me. All fiesty, all had played with wings, etc. This one just said, "Whatcha wanna do?" He's mine! Now 2 and has done everything I hoped up until a lameness issue that is not in any of the books. If we get past this he is going to be a fine competitor. If we don't he is going to be a great companion!
    Carol Howey
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