[QUOTEI read 2-3 of his books. I dont buy into wide spread conspiracy theories. How ever at one time most if not all of my ancestors belived the earth was flat. We will never know untill we know.][/QUOTE]

The ancesters I claim new that the earth was round.
Take 911
There are no architects that agree with the official report nor will be associated with the findings unless they are government entities
There are no engineers that agree with the official report unless they are government backed
99 percent of the police man,,,fire fighters and those who got out in the nick of time give a different story than the official report
There are no demolition experts who agree with the official report,,,, a matter of fact they ALL think its assinine unless they are government backed
I read much of the official report ,,, the only thing that may be true is middle eastern men flew the planes.
I watched actual film of reporteds,,fire fighters,,police,,,victims,,, the only one we no who gained greatly was Silverstein.
Any gbody with a half a brain can know ,,at least what isn't.
False flag op. and people are led to the slaughter,,left and right. I wasn't a conspiracy guy untill I started paying attention.
One thing I do know is that our government continually lies to us and other nations. we need to Wise up.

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