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Thread: Dalmatian

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    Default Dalmatian

    My grandfather (this was several decades ago) hunted upland game with a brown spotted dalmatian. Im too young to remember how well the dog did but my uncle says it sort of pointed and then flushed on command. Has anyone seen ever seen a dal hunt? I've read at some point they were crossed with pointers to breed out inherited deficiencies.

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    Probably not the answer your looking for, but when I was young, my mom had a female dalmation that someone gave her as a puppy. She was a house dog, but that dog would kill a couple woodchucks a week in the summertime. So she must have had a heck of a prey drive. She was brown spotted and not black spotted....But also true to Dalmation behavior, she always had to be with people. If my parents were not as home she would go to whatever neighbors house and lay on their porch if there was a human inside. On the other side of the hill they lived on was a ski area...if my mom did not leash her in the winter, she would travel the 4-5 miles over the hill to the ski area and chase the skiers up and down the hill. The manager there would catch her and put her in the lodge where she would spend the day with EVERYONE, and he would call my mom and tell her to come get her...One time she even followed a group of school kids who where hiking part of the Appalachin Trail and spent the weekend with them! She had a great personality....She was a cool dog.


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    I have train a Dal to upland hunt. She was pretty good at finding and flushing, not so good at retrieving. I also trained this dog obedience from horseback , to participate in the Dalmation Nationals roading trials .
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    Dalmatians are basically modified English Pointers, so it's not surprising.
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