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View Poll Results: would you participate in AKC Master tests if there were no master national venue?

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  • yes

    215 90.34%
  • no

    23 9.66%
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Thread: Akc hunt tests poll

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    I run them when they're in the area, and it supports local clubs, other than that no real incentive to chase them. I prefer other venues. I don't like the test chasing get 6 passes, fail as many as you want, quantity over quality, judge shopping, title chasing, mentality of the Master nationals (yes I'm opinionated about it ). The MHN test itself is on paper-rulebook the exact same skill level and same judging as 2 MH tests, why not just run a double master? Sure No special title for passing 3 double masters, but a lot less expense, and I don't have to run around qualifying for it every year .

    As for points, they would be nice, went on to the AKC and looked up one of the older dogs we lost this year, AKC has 43 MH passes accorded to her, but I would bet that count is off, she ran tests before EE and record keeping wasn't as good back then, shoot EE is missing a lot of info, I'd bet AKC is as well. It would be nice to know what a life time of accomplishment is, just for sentimental value. Of course if we got something nice engraved with the dogs names for 45-50 MH tests, we might've made those extra test.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JTS View Post
    Simply, NO.

    It actually just says the dog passed the standard over and over and over nothing more. I understand the consistenecy argument but it is passing a standard, the standard requirements do not change.

    It would be "Cool" (using your word) to win a Qual or finish an Amatuer versus passing a standard for a 1,000 points.

    I agree with your logic. A Master Hunter with 1,000 points would obviously be a better dog than one who takes years of batting .250 to get his title, but at the end of the day the 1,000 point dog hasn't shown any more skill than the simple MH did on his good days. I prefer to keep the bragging points out of hunt test, other than the glow you get when your dog performs flawlessly with great style in front of the gallery that day. Like I said on an earlier post, if you want bragging points, then take that risk at the next level and actually compete dog to dog.


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    I replied to this in the point that i would run MH tests to earn the title if there were no MN event. I would not, I repeat NOT, continue running the tests after the title just to run the tests.
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    I ran the first Master Invitational pre-master National . My dog had to qualify. I don't remember the number required.
    After the event was over some trialers also ran the event, shook my hand, told me my dog was the only dog that didn't handle on 27 marks. When I got my ribbon it was the same color as the others who were finalists. I said hello , welcome to AKC hunt tests. I still run them and could care less about Master Nationals. We are having fun! Same thing with field trials, weekend trials are more fun.
    Earl Dillow

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    I voted YES, your probably going to the test with other dogs so why not run your master dog. I am positive that if you ask your MH they will say they want to run.
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    This isn't a social event!!! Get a dog on the line!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTS View Post
    The actual poll question states " would you participate in AKC Master tests if there were no master national venue? It does not state "continue to participate" as does the HRC poll question.......

    So those that say NO, then the MH title itself must be unimportant...correct?

    just saying regards......
    My dogs already have a MH

    Just saying regards
    Mark Land

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    Yes but I probably wouldn't travel. Once you have your title there isn't anywhere else to go except nationals - no point system. I would do it because it is fun for both myself and the dogs, but I wouldn't do as much.

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    I have a MH, have no plans to run the MN, but enjoy running Masters with my dog and will continue to do so. Its about the fun of running a trained dog, the challenge of passing Master test, and having fun with all the friends I have met.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinddogmaddie View Post
    I have a MH, have no plans to run the MN, but enjoy running Masters with my dog and will continue to do so. Its about the fun of running a trained dog, the challenge of passing Master test, and having fun with all the friends I have met.
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    Being a poor High school teacher that has coached football & baseball with very little time and money. I have trained and handled several dogs thru JH to MH over a 15 yr period. The cost of running multiple dogs quickly forced me to skip running Jr tests and jump straight to Srs.
    Trying to find time and facilities to train multiple dogs to the MH level is crazy difficult, especially with all of these creative (crazy, nutty, tricky) setups you can see any given weekend. The MH that follows my dog's names will never go away. That being said, they are VERY special to me. An MH is a true badge of success and hard work for anyone whether you're a DIY trainer or seasoned pro.
    I've been out of the game for nearly 2 years now, but have plans to run a few HTs this spring with 2 of my girls, and I am excited to say the least!!! My goal is to have another HRCH/MH.
    I voted to run HTs whether there is a MN or not. In my opinion it's cool to even qualify for a MN. Just saying.
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