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View Poll Results: would you continue to participate in finished tests if there was no Grand venue

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Thread: Hrc finished test poll

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    Senior Member Erik Nilsson's Avatar
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    HRC- Our season never ends

    "Shoot fast or shoot last"

    HR UH Nilsson's on a wing n a prayer MH WCX

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    I'm kinda new to this but "The Grand" is just that. I train with a lot of AKC people that are in awe of the talent and control needed to run the Grand. It is the culmination of years of work and separates both you and your dog from the pack. As far as running tests goes. There were always people out there to throw birds for me, so now it's my turn to throw birds or work a winger, and if I'm gonna be there anyway I might just as well run my dog. There's always something to work on. Lets face it, everybody likes to bring home a ribbon but for me, testing is not about the title or the points. It's to find the holes in my training so I know what I need to do before I get into the field with gun in hand.


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    I retired 30 years ago and started "doing dogs" for my own pleasure, gun dogs to start out, then NAHRA and then HRC and AKC. I like to see good dog work, so I also judged. I ran one Grand with "Sweetie" amd found out I was not a grand handler so I stuck to breeding better Chocolates and running them for MY pleasure. I had a lot of fun and then I got OLD, and that is not fun. I still love those dogs though and those that still live, have a home as long as I do.

    God has been good to me in his selection of my lifes mate and the dogs I've had. What more could a man ask for, Bill
    'Show up for work, do the best job you can and treat others the way you would like to be treated'

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    Junior Member westad's Avatar
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    Aug 2007


    I would definitely continue to run finished tests! I enjoy the company, working with my dog as a team, and watching my friends work their dogs. Personally there is no way I can run a Grand because the are always too far away. It wouldn't mean anything to me if someone else got a pass with my dog so why do it. Also I feel the grand is much more about extreme steadiness than the enthusiasm and ability of the dog to mark, retrieve, and work cooperatively with the handler to run blinds.

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    Burlington, Wisconsin


    I have a HRCH UH 500 pt. dog. I still run her, not for the points now, but for the fun and challange of running a test with a trained dog.She enjoys it as much as I do. I also run the Grand and will continue to do so, even though I have not passed yet. Its all about having fun with all the friends I have met.
    HRCH UH C & L 's Madison Grace MH....500 Points (blinddogmaddie)

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    Len Gums

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    Senior Member Patti Benton's Avatar
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    Ria had 1520 points when she died last August and didn't run one Grand. We would keep running Finished.

    HRCH UH Benton's Magnum Opus MH WC - Magnum (500 points) 9/11/94 - 5/9/07
    HRCH UH Fowl Play's Dust Devil - Dusty (500 points) 2/5/98 - 11/15/06
    HRCH UH Benton's Ria of Opus CGC - Ria (1520 points) 3/2/02- 8/6/12
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    Senior Member Steve Hamel's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Western Mass


    Hi Paul

    Personally, once I've attained the HRCH, no , I won't continue to run in Finished. For me, I want a continuous challenge. I want to feel humbled sometimes. It makes you strive harder. HRCH, MH and then Q. Then onward and upward ? See you soon.

    "Are you a good witch, or a bad witch ?" Glinda, the good witch of the North.

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    Senior Member Kevinismybrother's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Brighton, CO


    Same as my AKC answer - I have kept running a few weekends and and judging more now. Pro has older dog trying to pass a
    Grand since I don't have the time off to do it myself. Might try for that "free" jacket now since I am "so close"
    "Too late smart, too soon old" - Now I finally get it Grandpa

    Dennis Long
    HRCH SHDW MTN Aces and Eights Toby MH "Toby"
    HRCH Barton Creek's Winner Take All MH "Rio"
    Ranger 1997 - 2012
    Ragin' Charge of the Light Brigade "Cannon" 2015 Derby list, Qual winner before age 2

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    Senior Member Good Dogs's Avatar
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    Any dog with a HRC can enter the Grand. So the question about continuing to run is immaterial.

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    Senior Member Kevin Eskam's Avatar
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    Pierce, Colorado


    Hell yea! For me its about enjoying a day running your best buddys and enjoying get togethers with some fun people! Dont care about the Grand or Master Nationals, I have 2 dogs that should go over 500 this year, We just love the people!!
    HRCH Rocky Mountain Rosco SH (RIP)
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