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Thread: The Satire - "If I Had Known!"

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    Bill said:
    Good article Jim... Like the tie-in with Donald Rumsfeld's known unknowns and unknown unknowns...
    I'd never heard of Rumsfeld's "concept" before. It was very interesting.

    Here are two sections (out of context in that link) which I think are somewhat related to the original intent of this thread.

    Unknown unknown solutions haunt the mediocre without their knowledge. The average detective does not realize the clues he or she neglects. The mediocre doctor is not aware of the diagnostic possibilities or treatments never considered. The run-of-the-mill lawyer fails to recognize the winning legal argument that is out there. People fail to reach their potential as professionals, lovers, parents and people simply because they are not aware of the possible. This is one of the reasons I often urge my student advisees to find out who the smart professors are, and to get themselves in front of those professors so they can see what smart looks like.
    Basically, the parallel is "find a good retriever training mentor".

    Well, there’s no way we could be evolutionarily prepared for doing physics and doing our taxes at the end of the year. These are rather new in our evolutionary history. But solving social problems, getting along with other people, is something intrinsic to our survival as a species. You’d think we would know where our inabilities lie. But if we believe our data, we’re not necessarily very good at knowing what we’re lousy at with other people.
    Communicating on the Internet is challenging.
    Jim Boyer

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    I noticed at the end of the article that it was the first of a five part series. I looked up the rest of the series and saved them for later reading...
    Bill Davis

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