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Thread: FT in Wichita Falls

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    Default FT in Wichita Falls

    I think there is a FT in Wichita Falls this weekend but I can not find any information. I would like to go watch with my kiddos but do not know what to expect (newbie). Is there a schedule for the event? I was wondering if Saturday or Sunday would be a better day to go.



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    The Wichita Falls trial is this weekend, actually the Open and Qualifying start today, the Amateur starts tomorrow (Saturday) and the Derby follows either the Open or Qual depending on what the premium says. You can get all the correct information of a website called Entry Express, find the field trial button then scroll down by date until you get to the Wichita Falls trial held at Henrietta TX. I have run that trial a few times myself and really like the grounds. You will have to look the premium up on EE in order to get directions to the trial grounds which are spread out over some large cattle ranches.

    Good luck to you and your dog.


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    Send me an email and I can get you out here.
    3 stakes will be running Sat and 2 or 3 on Sunday.
    Marcy Wright

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