Mom has gone to Heaven
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Thread: Mom has gone to Heaven

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    Default Mom has gone to Heaven

    Its with a heavy heart that I post the passing of my Mom at the age of 100 yrs 3 months...She was in a nursing home in Durango Colorado, and the affects of dementia/Alzheimers finally took its toll. She expired quietly and peacfully with myself and a couple of sibling at her bedside...

    I got the call that I had always dreaded on Sunday night,that they would be moving her to the hospice. I drove like a bat out of hell Monday night after work the 550 mi from LV>Durango in about 10 hrs, only stopping for breakfast,gas,and the requisite pit stop..also tried one power nap, but was so jacked up on caffeine that I couldn't relax..My brothers in Austin and Burnet teamed up and drove all day/night on Tues..

    It was apparent to us that Mom was deteriorating by the hour and even though she could not speak, she knew each of us were there as we each said goodbyes and held her hand one last time...she went quietly Wed early evening..

    I have since returned to Vegas since she requested immediate cremation and no funeral, we will however carry out her further wishes to the Nth letter by spreading a small portion of her ashes on my Dad's gravesite at Fort Sam Houston so as she put it "so I can hound you dad for all eternity"..looks like Mom will get last laugh....

    I am not looking for a sympathy but am issuing a challenge...for those of you that still have your Mom's give her a call, or go see her and give her a hug....and if she asks why tell her its from a guy you know on the RTF...for those of you who are like me and have lost your Mom, take a minute today to reflect and think about her and think about how you wouldn't be here without her..

    My Mom was an automatic lock for entrance in Heaven, she maintained her faith in God to the end, and even though she lost the ability to read her Bible a few years back she would still pray a few times a day, and attend the daily service at the home when she was healthy

    I thank my Mom for bringing me into this world and loving me every day of her say that I will miss her is a major understatement

    I would also like to publicly thank Stan (roadkill) for the support this week as I went through this ordeal. He made literally hourly texts to make sure I was safe and in the right frame of mind to take on this..Thanks Pal

    also had well wishes from KJR and a phone call from Al Wilson asking to see if there was anything they could do..

    and last but certainly not least a big thanks to Lanse Brown, the last couple of years he has not missed a Mother's Day, a Birthday or a Christmas in sending Mom a card or a letter...I honestly think Mom thought she had a son named Lanse as we would read his cards and letters to her
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    So sorry to hear Bon.Just having lost dad I feel your pain.Prayers go out to you and Clint.Hang in there bud!!!Jim

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    Sincere condolences in the loss of your mother, Bon. What an awesome feat to make it to 100. I lost my father last Sept just 6 weeks prior to his 100th birthday.


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    Very sorry to here my dad died a few months ago at 93 your mother was part of the greatest generation. She will be missed by all!
    Earl Dillow

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    Your family is in my prayers

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    I am so sorry Bon. I lost my mom 6 years ago this month. I think of her every day. Soon you will remember happy times and smile when you remember her. The tears will become few and far between. I am sure she appreciated you honoring her wishes.

    Lesa Cozens Dauphin
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    My deepest condolences for the loss of your mother and I think your mother would have been very proud of the son she raised for the heartfelt post he wrote. While I am blessed to still have both of my parents, I do not spend as much time visiting with them as I should. Your note was a realization for me and hopefully everyone that we should all take the time to cherish the many blessings that God has given us and not take them for granted.
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    I'm sorry Bon... Lost my dad last year... 100, wow! Think of all the things she saw in her lifetime. I know you are going to miss her.
    Bill Davis

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    Bon, condolences from all the J-Dogs. I'm headed into Albuquerque later today to visit my 89 year old mother who was just diagnosed with melanoma.


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    I always think back at how my mom taught me to take care of myself very early on, like to cook, to sew, and laundry, things that young boys aren't usually taught. The in Jan of 1992 I found out she had cancer and the treatments started. My dad and I lost her in Oct that same year, just before my 17th birthday. And thinking back, what usually hurts the most is that my kids didn't get to expirence her. This isn't even counting all the other special days like graduations, births, and weddings. My point is, you are a very lucky man to have had her for so many years and to live well through them. And you are absolutely right...go kiss and hug your moms...
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