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Thread: If You could spend ten days training with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin S View Post
    Over the close to 50 years Lanse has been playing dogs I'm sure he, like many, have seen their share of acts that some would qualify as an attempt to be the handler. Everyone has to start somewhere, starting in front of someone who knows something is a definite benefit. On occasion the critique can be brutal, but sincere.
    Relative to Lanse I would certainly be attempting to handle, and I have come to expect and even want brutal but sincere criticism from dog folks. It's even better now that I have been to the line and seen some of the things that I had only been told about before. Makes a lot of things make a whole lot more sense.

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    If you did get a chance to spend 1, or 10 days with Lanse my advice would be to LISTEN and LEARN. If you have an open mind you will have an enjoyable, invaluable learning experience. You'd be hard pressed to find a better doggie experience.

    For those of you that act as if this would be a pipe dream, I can assure you that is not the case. Lance, like Dennis Bath, is one of the few legends of the game who truly do more than pay lip service to the noble concept of "pay it forward" Lanse regularily reaches out to Amateur newcomers to the doggie games freely offering advice, encouragement and resources.

    I was running my pups in Derby at the triple DQ at the Spillway in La When I got back into the doggie games a few years ago. Due to confusion at the time with competing online entry services I didn't get entered in one of the Derbies. As luck would have it that was the Derby Lanse was judging. Out of the blue, Lanse sent me a personal note & called me inviting me to come down South early to train with him & use my pups as set up dogs for his tests. My pups and I had a great time, and I learned a lot in that short time. I have since had a standing invitation to call him and come train with him at either his winter training grounds in Alabama, or his home grounds in Montana. This is not an unusual gesture by Lanse. I have frequently seen him similarily reach out to other FT AMATEUR newcomers.

    I doubt that there is a more intelligent well read person in the doggy games on a wide range of subjects. However there is nothing intimidating about Lanse, his demeanor is as common as an old boot. He is very approachable, and there is no Ivy League intellectual snobbery about him.

    I am always gladdened when Lanse is running the same trial as I am. He is one of the people that I look forward to bantering with{ about an eclectic range of subjects }that make the game more enjoyable for me. That is by no means a universal opinion of all competitors, particularily some of the "muckety mucks". Lanse rubs some the wrong way. He is quite opinionated, and speaks his mind; nor is he into ass kissing. I like that quality in a person: some don't. I would guess that even if you found yourself on the opposite side of an issue with Lanse that you would feel his mind may be in the wrong place you would never doubt that his heart was. He truly loves and respects the dogs and the sport.

    Lanse has a prefference for female dogs. He had a singleton male puppy out of his last litter. He is successfully training that pup, In spite of his female preferrence and the fact that this pup only has one eye and has lost its tail. He has a great respect for all his dogs. If I were to be reincarnated as a Labrador Retriever I would want Lanse to adopt me. That is a high compliment in my world. There arent very many Field Trialers I could say that about.

    If you get the opportunity to spend time with Lanse, JUMP AT IT!!!

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