PUP Question !!! Picking up/Chewing Everything !!!
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Thread: PUP Question !!! Picking up/Chewing Everything !!!

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    Default PUP Question !!! Picking up/Chewing Everything !!!

    My 12 week old BLF is a pistol !!! very very energetic, but actually very smart, and loves to chase and retrieve !

    My biggest problem and I know and realize she's being a typical pup ! But she is absoulutley into everything ! The wifes shoes, the rug, the lamp cords, the couch cushions, the little grls toys, blankets, basically anything she can get in her mouth shes going to carry it, and chew on it !

    Now before I get yelled at, I keep a constant eye on her, and if not she's in her crate, But I swear she gets stuff in her mouth before I can even blink an eye ! She's more effective than my wifes vaccum cleaner ! She's found stuff we didn't even know we had ! HAHAHA

    I always try my best to get everything put up before she comes in the house to minimize the problems ! I have stayed on her, told her NO, and popped her muzzle ! I have always replaced everything she has picked up with her chew toys, but it has got no better. I don't want to keep on getting on her hard for carrying stuff in her mouth from the fear of discourging her to be mouthy, but shes is absoulutley driving me crazy ! I mean I take one thing from her, and she walks right over and gets something else !

    I mean I want a good mouthy hunting dog, BUT she has to have house manners too !!

    Any Ideas ?
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    Definitely don't leave her unattended!!! Keep her in the crate unless you are with her at all times. Some are a little more active than others. Confine her to one room where you are-obviously puppy proofed room and be in the room with her!
    My old fellow was like that as a pup and still is trouble. Still will put any thing in his mouth if I am not watching him! Last night at the nursing home I work at a resident dropped her cigarettes. He ate one before you could even grab him or the smoke. Thank goodness he did not eat the whole package - that would have been expensive! Good luck it is difficult at first. Stick with it!!!
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    Like Mary Lynn says, keep em on a leash/ supervised / in a crate. Basically as a pup you always want to set them up for success and limit the chance for failure which means picking stuff up that pup shouldn't have (I realize that not everything is perfect though and pups will get into stuff). I wouldn't correct them for having stuff in their mouths this young but take it away from them and replace it with something they can have such as a toy or a bone.

    And don't expect to get totally rid of it, mine certainly still does it at almost 2. Whenever I come home from work, she has to bring us something, if a toy isn't around she'll pick up a tiny stick or a pine cone, whatever.

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    Remember baby proofing your house a while back? Now is the time to puppy proof it. When the pup is out give one or two of her toys then interact with her! She is getting into everything because she needs lots of exercise and interaction. Take her for several long walks through out the day, play with her, run and let her chase you, throw toys and/or puppy bumpers for her. Teach her a few tricks. A tired puppy makes for very happy owners!


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    Im feeling Your pain! Really.Aint it a Blast though? A strict No and a diversion is what I use.Be careful about being to strict right now after sll They really are learning.
    By diversion I mean always carry one of their toys with You when running to correct them.Its really about Them training us.Right?
    And what others have mentioned puppyproof Your Whole house.
    Relax, have fun and create a quick diversion!

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    Mine went through the same thing. And they still chew my most prized stuff up if I'm not careful. One thing I learned was to make sure if I wanted to keep it, it better be out of reach. Now every chance I get I let them run until they are pretty much done. exercise regular is my advice and since it's a pup she will probably go right to sleep. So far I've lost two chairs, two recliners and they are working on another one. One good retrieve in the field priceless.

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    I swear she gets stuff in her mouth before I can even blink an eye !
    Yup, that's a Labrador puppy. Best thing is to puppy proof your house. Or if you can't do that, puppy proof one room that you spend a lot of time in and use baby gates to keep her out of the rest of the house.
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    Do you know how to do a Tooth Pinch?
    I use it on 8, 10, 12 week old puppies. Never had any of them mouth anything that was not theirs after a few weeks. Never puppy proofed anything.
    Just have something of theirs handy to give to them and praise right after you tooth pinch and remove what they shouldn't mess with.
    Also helps them learn mouthing and biting boundaries with humans and the word No.
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    Jackson is 17 weeks old I have always replace what he had with one of their approved toys. I notice it more when he is teething which he is doing right now and it seems worse then normal. Never heard of a tooth pinch, is that for real?

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    Exercise. More exercise. And more exercise. You'll be exhausted and in great shape. The puppy will still have energy.
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