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Thread: PUP Question !!! Picking up/Chewing Everything !!!

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    Try the technique called tethering. Attach a leash to her collar and the other end to your belt when ever she is not in her crate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lem View Post
    Remember baby proofing your house a while back? Now is the time to puppy proof it. When the pup is out give one or two of her toys then interact with her! She is getting into everything because she needs lots of exercise and interaction. Take her for several long walks through out the day, play with her, run and let her chase you, throw toys and/or puppy bumpers for her. Teach her a few tricks. A tired puppy makes for very happy owners!

    Very good post. Included in puppy proofing should be an enclosure where your pup has freedom to move around, but not get into things he shouldn't. A laundry room or kitchen where there is no carpet often serves well. You can get a good wire barrier at Petco and other such places. These also provide a good place to start potty training.

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    All these suggested negatives for a 12 week old? Not one that I own.

    Teach her this game:


    Keep in mind the toy you have needs to have more perceived value than the one she has, in real world application.

    If you can't be playing with her have her in her crate nearby.

    Keep in mind mental games wear them out faster than walking. The more they have to think during early training the quicker they go to sleep.

    I wouldn't be popping the muzzle or getting stern with a 12 week old. There will be a time for that. Right now, life should be GOOD!
    Darrin Greene

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