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Thread: Looking for some input

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    Default Looking for some input

    Going to look at a litter of pups this wekend that hopefully will work out for me. Talking with another training friend of mine, asked if getting another male was such a great idea. I currently own a 2yr blm.

    Which raises the question to you guys that own two or more. what do you guys do when owning more than one of the same sex, specifically males? seems like it might be an issue especially with the unknown of what the puppy will turn out to be. my current blm gets along with other males. Something to be worried about. are there socialization processes that can help the bond between two males?

    Thanks in advance guys.......

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    They will eventually square off...Brig has always squared off with Mirk and has always gotten his rear end kicked...Judge and Rex never did, but Rex did put Quar on his back which got a few expletives from his owner, but in Rex's defense it was Quar that broke on honor and tried to beat him to the mark..WRONG

    my advice is NEVER take your eyes off them especially when you have a young pup who doesnt know any better, like at feeding time or airing time...typical males..someone wants to be top dog
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