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Thread: GDG In Need of Video Toys Help GDG

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    Default GDG In Need of Video Toys Help GDG

    Hey Folks,
    I am in need of those of you with more experience in these things then I.
    My son has 2 Ninetendo DS lites and 1 Ninetendo 3 DS.
    All do not work.
    He says that they all will turn all have been charged all games do work.
    But the screens freeze up.
    Do I as a Mom just sh4t can the lot?
    .I know that he's no angel(did I say that he is 11yrs. old?)He probably played too hard, hit the screens etc..........
    My question ...... Is it worth it to fix?
    Thanks guys
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    Sue, google some of the Gamer sites and ask the question. You know, the 27 yo's who still live in parents basements.
    Pretty sure one of them will know why it happens and possibly a solution to the problem or worth.

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    they are not worth fixing...been there done that..the Nintendo gaming systems are the worse, at least with the Sony PSP/Vita or PS 3 there seems to be repair shops...if you have a Game Stop near you they might give you a better assessment or even credit on a trade in
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