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Thread: 2 birds at once

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    Quote Originally Posted by grnhd View Post
    My dog has retrieved a couple of swans(not at the same time!LOL) but I just cant see getting two big mallards in there. I'd love to see pics of a dog with three mallards crammed in its mouth!
    The wife and I are on the way to the airport, trip to Ireland, so will be gone a while, but I'll try to take a pick when we return.

    You should see how many bumpers he can hold...

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    I witnessed a similar occurrence at the GRCA Specialty Field Trial held at FT AP Hii,VA in 1978 or 1979.
    The dog picked up the second bird while retrieving the long bird. Did not drop either bird on the return. The judges, as I recall, made a minor point deduction on trainability.
    Certainly not for marking or perseverance or style.
    The dog placed in the ribbons, i don't recall the placement,The dog was an FC/AFC before the FT, so the ribbon was not a "Golden Gift."
    The "gallery lawyers" were buzzing as would be expected, but the judges, with "common sense", prevailed.
    It was noted that none of the "lawyer" could support their erroneous conclusion(s). Even with the FT Rule in their hands.
    They had the book, but not the Chapter or verse!

    "The Rightous are not always right" I read that a long time ago and have found it to be a valid observation.
    Tom MOUER

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