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Thread: New Started Hunting Retriever

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    Default New Started Hunting Retriever

    I just got my started hunting retriever title at North Alabama HRC this past weekend, March 9-10, I am very excited about passing and proud of my dog (Bree) for doing an amazing job. I have been training Bree from day one and will not let my dad touch her. I train every day after school in hopes of having an outstanding dog. I finally see that all of my hard work is paying off. We ran a water test to start off Saturday followed by the land test that evening, which Bree did awesome in. Sunday was a little bit more exciting for me. We started off Sunday with a land test and then a water test in the evening. Well the land test was a breeze so now all I was ready for was the water. I knew that if she did as well as she had been doing that she would pass with ease. So here I am walking to the holding blind with Bree and she is going crazy, I hear the duck call coming from the handler that is ahead of me and so does Bree and she couldn't take it anymore so she backs up and slips right through her collar! She immediately takes off towards the handler at the bucket and then I see the duck go flying through the air while I am going to retrieve my dog, and my heart sinks, while this is going on I'm saying "Here!" the whole time just hoping that she doesn't go after the duck, the other handler sends his dog and Bree sat at the edge of the water and honored for the other dog! Amazing. But talk about being mad, I wrapped that leash around her neck and pulled her back to the holding blind, scared to look at the judges. The man with his dog walks past me after he is done and I look at the judges and ask if I can still run, they look at me and ask for my dog number and tell me to bring her to the line, thank goodness! She ran the test better than she had any of the previous tests. I had an awesome time getting to run the test and getting to meet all of the great people that I did. By far the best test I have went to... And probably the scariest. It was a great experience and I will never forget it. Thanks NAHRC for a great time!

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    Drake, it was an honor to have you title your dog at our test. I can not wait to deliver your title hat to you. Congrats!
    Allen Dillard

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    Great Job!!! Glad that the judges allowed you to run after your heart stopping experience!!!

    According to this BMI chart, I am too short !!!

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    Had that happen at the very first AKC Junior test I ever ran... only I was on the receiving end of it. The dog in the next holding blind back slipped her collar and "interfered" with mine. It didn't bother my dog a bit... he was the first to the bird, after all. The judge did not allow the other dog to run. You are lucky, I can't believe your dog stopped! Well, lesson learned, make sure the collar fits properly!

    Anyhow, Congrats on your title. Are you hooked yet?
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    Congratulations! Exciting, scary and fun all wrapped into one. Sounds like you and Bree will become truly a team working together. Fun for you and fun for Bree.

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    Congratulations son (Drake 2014 is my biological child, according to my wife) I'm proud of you. Now go do your homework!

    Lonnie Spann aka "Dad"
    DISCLAIMER: The above post is the opinionated and biased view of your's truly, Lonnie Spann, and is in no way intended to reflect the opinions or views of the unfortunate individuals named below who just happen to be doomed with guilt by association.

    Member of CAHRC and North AL HRC. I train with AND AM FRIENDS WITH: Fishduck, Laidback, Splash_Em, RF2, Drake2014, Claimsadj, Hooked on Quackers, RookieTrainer and Roseberry.

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    Congrats and Good job getting it together. Heck my crazy dog pretty much did that in a finished test 2 weeks ago. Needless to say we didn't get a pass

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    ALL RIGHT Drake !! You have a nice pup.
    My Dad said to me ."Son, a man just needs three things to be happy....A good dog, a good gun and a good wife.....Thank God I have all three
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    the "good old boys" at the nahrc are pleased in every way to have fine young people like yourself coming to run their dogs! i enjoyed watching "bree", she is a great young dog. i enjoyed watching you handle her. i enjoyed your mom and dad seeing you head off to the test, on your own.....a man and his dog!

    we are glad you came, we are glad you won that great duck call and hat at the tailgate and we are glad you passed! keep up the good work!

    john mccallie
    john mccallie

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    This is a great story! Congrats!!

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