where is the younger crowd? they are missing out!
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Thread: where is the younger crowd? they are missing out!

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    Default where is the younger crowd? they are missing out!

    So I recently joined a club and the week leading up to the club's first training day of the year the website's forum(which they use to list upcoming events and news,) was down all week! Well I searched for both my club and the other locale club on Facebook. Neither one has a fb page!? Why not? It does not surprise me that at 29 I am one of the younger members at the training day. I know that field trials training and hunting seem to be an older crowd (at least from what I have seen in my club so far, I just joined and I am hooked as newbie that will be a lifer!) but to expand club memberships and the sport and knowledge of the rightt ways to train, hunt and breed retrievers! It needs to be passed on to the younger generation. Facebook makes it so easy to post training and event dates, share dog photos, show newly earned titles, training and hunting tactics, litter announcements, and to just easily social with other club members. I know a lot of older folks don't want anything to do with fb and I understand but a lot of younger people don't want anything to do with anything outside it seems! So I am new to the sport that is retrievers and I love it! I could not of, and never though I would, think watching my dog chanc down a wounded bird could be so darn cool!! And made me very proud! So with that alone I thought a good way to get that excitement in the off season would be hunt test or field trials. So I bought a puppy and we are bright eyed moving forward into the sport. FYI the training day was awesome and to watch those seasoned dogs and trainers was unbelievable. I also met the co host of working man's retriever! She was so nice and helpful. Before I knew it I was blowing duck calls and tossing pigeons while firing blanks, in amazement of the dogs, the people and just my new favorite hobby in general! So I just think there is a place for a younger crowd to bridge the gap and keep the sport moving in the right direction and that might mean connecting with them by connecting to Facebook or Twitter. Your club may have fb but this is just my experience in eastern Washington! I love it and I love my new pup!
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    And my 2 year old- Ollie (my lab husky mix, she is a pheasant tracking machine! And the reason I started bird hunting!)

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    Very nice and well thought out post. Fb could definitely be a help to get the word out! Talk to your club president and head one up! Take your great idea and run with it!
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    I most definitely will! I will volunteer to run if I have too! It is just so easy and free unlike some web pages. Free advertising to the largest network of people in the world too.
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    My pup-Kanyon's Rambo With A Cause (Rambo)
    And my 2 year old- Ollie (my lab husky mix, she is a pheasant tracking machine! And the reason I started bird hunting!)

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    great idea,

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    We did a FB page for our club, but no one uses it, even the "younger" crowd of the club, so I pretty much just post event info and not much else.
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    Listen Here you little snot nosed whipper=snapper..... Who you callin OLD?????? Get Off My LAWN!!!! Ya Pencil neck!!

    Good Idea though,, I wished Ida thunk a that,,,,, But then again,, Id prolly fergot it by now!!!

    Your old friend,


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    Quote Originally Posted by FOM View Post
    We did a FB page for our club, but no one uses it, even the "younger" crowd of the club, so I pretty much just post event info and not much else.
    Even if you just use it to post event info people are still seeing it come up on their news feeds on their personal pages. That is still showing some usefulness at the very least. It is just another way of easy communication for a club.
    My pup-Kanyon's Rambo With A Cause (Rambo)
    And my 2 year old- Ollie (my lab husky mix, she is a pheasant tracking machine! And the reason I started bird hunting!)

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    I'll give you some advice. The old guys have tried all of your new tangled ideas and there isn't any possible way that they didn't think of doing anything the way you've suggested. And while you're at it, they've already tried your idea and it was a complete failure.

    Sorry to be such a negative Betty. hopefully the folks running the club you've joined aren't closed minded and recognize that they'll be needing some decent fellas to keep the sport alive moving forward as they start to have issues with high blood pressure and neck pain.

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    I just turned 28 - man am I getting up there I am in your same shoes I am a part of 3 different hunt test and field trial clubs and am one of the younger if not the youngest person there most of the time I know that there are a few members that are my age that have joined the clubs but i rarely see any of them granted I dont make it to most of the training days but I do go to the grounds and train when the time presents itself, I am not a big facebook guy as I believe what I am doing is my own business, but if I do post then I normally get a few likes and such on my post or pictures - the big thing with FB is anytime I get a message on FB it appears as a notification on my phone.

    So like wingman509 said at least people are getting the info, maybe they dont have a smartphone but many check their FB page at least once a week, so if you are going to set up a training day or need event help I suggest you post it on a sunday if possible because that is the day many have free time plus it will stay on their page for that week

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    Wingman, I assume you're talking about the Spokane Bird Dog Association NAHRA club. Thanks for throwing birds. I brought my golden to that training day. (Learned that she's not nearly so steady when there are other dogs around! Duh.)

    I totally agree that the website is almost always out-dated. The solution? YOU, yes, YOU, could leap up and volunteer to help keep it up to date. I'm afraid to grumble about the out-dated web site because someone would suggest that ***I*** do the updating. Actually, I would, but I already volunteer so much for the obedience and agility trials for the Moscow-Pullman dog club that I don't have time for yet another volunteer activity. And the Moscow Pullman club (the Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers) is struggling along on fumes right now. If it loses another major volunteer like myself, it may completely disappear.

    Small clubs like the SBDA LOVE, LOVE new blood. I think most dog clubs are really struggling right now. I don't think it's the economy. I think it's partly sprawl (which makes it tougher for people to get to meetings), partly so many other recreational activities that people can do, partly that most households now have both spouses working (clubs can't lean on the non-employed wives anymore), and more people are working well past retirement age. Retirees are a life line for clubs, as long as they are in good health.

    IMO, Facebook is not the answer. I'm on Facebook. There's so much clutter on FB (the endless games invitations I can't seem to stop, the ads, the uninteresting posts, etc.) that I hardly check it anymore, and if I do, the signal to noise ratio is so high, I miss most of the stuff I'd like to read.

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