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Thread: where is the younger crowd? they are missing out!

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    I'm the youngest (29) of all they guys I train with. A couple of guys in our group are in there early to mid 30's so I guess you could still consider them part of the young crowd. I've wondered why there aren't more young people in this area involved in retriever training. I'm looking to join East Tn Retriever Club soon, maybe they've got a few youngsters running with them. My only regret is that I didn't get introduced to retrievers and retriever training at a younger age as I am just now training my first lab.
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    I set up a FB page for our club, I use it for training day reminders and other club news. Some members use it for photos and such. It allows us to share info to other clubs for tests or other info.
    Personally I have made "friends" from a few RTF members as well on FB. Most of my friends who used to train now have other obligations that keep them away from it. The other thing that I noticed is that people train to get a JH or SHR but at some point choose not to move on, not sure why???? Unless thats all they want.
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