Extended shotgun chokes for hunting? Would you purchase them and if so what brand?
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Thread: Extended shotgun chokes for hunting? Would you purchase them and if so what brand?

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    Default Extended shotgun chokes for hunting? Would you purchase them and if so what brand?

    I just bought a new 12 gauge shotgun for ducks, pheasants, doves. It came with three flush mount chokes IC, M, F. Would it be a good idea to purchase some extended choke tubes for my new gun? For one thing it would be easier in the field or blind to change out the tubes and easier to hand tighten if they were the extended version. Would be interested in knowing what brand of choke tubes you guys use if you use the extended ones. Which ones you like and don't like. What constriction do you use the most in your gun IC, LM, M, IM, F, Extra Full. I would like to keep it down to buying only 2-3 chokes in total if I went the extended choke tube route. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I have a patternmaster I use on a benelli nova for goose hunting. It will knock em down out to about 75 yards.

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    I have a SBEII and love my Briley chokes. I use IC and Mod almost exclusively. Th8is is with Black Cloud ammo. I like them , like you said easy to remove , and clearly stamped.
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    Thanks guys. I have looked at both of these chokes at my local gun show but have yet to buy any. I will most likely in the next 4-6 weeks with dove season coming. I was thinking IC, LM, or Mod myself. I doubt I'd shoot a duck, goose far enough away to need a full choke. Anyone else want to weigh in on they favorite extended choke brand and constriction you are using for shooting what birds? Thanks

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    I like Briley!

    buy all three.. IC, Lm,,,and Mod,

    I think you will like LM most of the time..

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    I shoot the Midas grades in my Brownings. USually IC and LM depending on how the birds are. This past season I got a Patternmaster and it's everything they say it is. But you better be able to shoot well, it doesn't seem to have much margin of error. I used it exclusivly during the later part of duck season. The tightest I would ever recommend for ducks is MOD, anything past that will steel doesn't pattern well. You might could still use a full for dove or something but I can't even tell you where any of my fulls are. So I surely wouldn't buy an aftermarket FULL. Every gun will be different though so try to test pattern your gun with someone's chokes before you drop a dime on them.

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    I shoot a Benelli Vinci with a Kick's High Flyer. I have full and mod. Love Em. I have been experimenting and like Brad said, you better be able to shoot. After a few seasons I like the full. They are either DEAD or gone.
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    All of these other brand name chokes are going to be hit or miss depending on the gun they're used in. All barrels are different sized in dimensions and a choke cut for a slightly different bore size will change the outcome, sometimes drastically. Look up Drake Killer chokes in Fargo ND. He turns chokes to the specified dimensions of the barrel on your gun and they shoot even inexpensive red or blue box federal loads the best. They chokes he makes are usually cheaper than a mass produced choke and you know it's cut for your gun.
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    I use Terror chokes in all of my shotguns. I've been shooting them in my SBEII, Beretta X400 and Remington 11-87 and so far they have out performed kicks, Carlson and Patternmaster chokes.
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    Jim, thanks for the suggestion. I've never heard of Terror chokes where do you find them at? I've seen Pattern Master, Carlson's, Browning, Briley, Muller's, and Pure Gold but never heard of Terror before. Ever get over to Ed's gun shop over in Vass, NC just west of you? If not its definately worth the trip.

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