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Thread: "Epic Breeding"!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Subtle sarcasm. Good stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseberry View Post
    rtf top ten reasons, other than akc field trial titles a breeding could be considered epic.......

    10. they wuz all real purty!
    9. the finest litter of otter tails you ever seen!
    8. each made a fine gentleman's gun dog, slipper fetcher and fireplace throw rug!
    7. nine of the ten had excellent hips and the other'n was good!
    6. it'uz the cerf test litter of the decade!
    5. they'uz extry clear on that eic!
    4. nary a cmn'er in tha bunch!
    3. four outa the bunch wuz real, real white!
    2. ever one made a "meat dog"!

    and the number one reason other than akc field trial titles a breeding could be considered "epic"..........

    1. boy them pups all had that "blocky head"!

    just ribbin' on ya d&d sc!
    Absolutely hilarious, great post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducks and Dogs SC View Post
    Hmm.. I am new here and am sure I will be slammed, but. Seems like titles are the only determination in the definition of "epic". Is that what it is? Are there no other attributes for consideration?
    DD, It seems that way more and more. But if you look back through the history of the breed there are many famous dogs out of untitled parents (at least on one side).

    But to answer your question (partially), yes those dogs had to have other attributes, including heritage to be in the breeding program to start with. Maybe some of them were really talented, but had injuries that curtailed their competitive career? Could be anything...
    Bill Davis

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