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Thread: Eic

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    Definitely. The show lines are equally as "polluted" as the field w/ EIC. And yes, I do think that the better drive lines had more of it-- just a casual observation, but I produced an Affected that was the result (after the test came out and I could trace it) from breeding 2 Carriers that got their gene from show CH's. I know I was not popular at the time for pointing it out, but hope I prevented more affecteds by doing that. As I told the stud owner, I still love what I got. Actually, I can't imagine now not having done the breedings I did. It's a real dilemma.

    Quote Originally Posted by mwk56 View Post
    Actually as I have been researching pedigrees, I have found many EIC affected and carrier conformation dogs, so it is a bit broad to state that it is mostly in field bloodlines. Perhaps the conformation dogs don't have an opportunity to find their trigger because they may not get field work or other activities that would trigger an episode.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt McKenzie View Post
    Or the link between coat color and some cancers in mice and Golden Retrievers. Sometimes genes work in ways we just don't fully understand.
    Yeah. Like black for instance.

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    I have a number of friends (yes! who would have thunk it???) that breed for Show, one of the biggest problems that they are having is finding tested studs, not to mention that of those that are tested, many were tested by Ingen (totally untrustworthy company that often gave wrong results), and those that were tested with Univ. MN, many were EIC carriers or affected.

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