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Thread: Hillman Puppy Training ???

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    Default Hillman Puppy Training ???

    Looking at and re looking Hillman DVD I have. 9 week ylf that will be my third lab over @20 years
    like the Hillman concept for beginning (not basic) training as it relates to creating steadyness. Quite. Departure from the "traditional" sit,stay come !!! Training
    my question and one I cant seem to get an answer on is the actual chronology of th training as he dog in the DVD seems older and matures in the DVD I think he may start @ 12 weeks nd maybe train 3 days week for @ 9 weeks so dog may be @ 5-6months at completion of his program. Before you would start training with a group and "bird boys " as he doesnt intro that concept until @ day 25
    do you think that is about the sequence
    Any suggestions or contructive comments for this aspect of beginning concept work please

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    In the credits at the end of the dvd, Hillman gives this information. I forget the ages but it is there.
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    Puppy starts at 11 weeks old and finishes at 22 weeks, 77 days to complete the 30 training sessions.
    Nate Baxter, DVM
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    Quote Originally Posted by NateB View Post
    Puppy starts at 11 weeks old and finishes at 22 weeks, 77 days to complete the 30 training sessions.
    That's the answer that she gave me. Send Mary Hillman and ask her. She is good about answering that question.

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    The first dog that I did the Hillmann method with I thought you were to deprive the dog of marks until he was "steady" and introduced to gunners-following the DVD to the letter. Then I was lucky enough to attended Bill's seminar this past fall and the question came up "do you avoid doing marks with the dog until you are through the puppy program?" the answer was fast no you do marks with the dog, however, you do not sit the dog until you have strong sit standard and then introduce them to gunners like in the dvd. Until then you simply have the dog around you at the line (not sitting) have the gunner in the field get the dogs attention and allow him break. Follow Bills 80-20 rule for success with these marks he talks about that on his website. If you don't have a well established here command- don't use it, as it only erodes the command what you are working so hard to establish. Simply cheer and clap and get the dog back to you. This exercise is not about obedience, it's somewhat about the machines of running out a getting something but, most of all it is about the dog learning to mark. To see the fall and figure out how to get there. While also doing harm to the yard work you are doing.
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    Thanks All. For as many times as I have watched all or part of DVD. I never watched the credits until you helped me

    Golden R thanks for insight.

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