A little PSA(not really GDG)
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Thread: A little PSA(not really GDG)

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    Default A little PSA(not really GDG)

    Long story short.......I was sick for a few weeks with what seemed to be a nasty stomach virus(I'll save the gory details.....not pretty) Back and forth 4xs to the Doc tons of blood work and "other samples"...everything came out good...But still having symptoms another round of different blood work and "other samples' turns up GIARDIA...Probably picked up during a snow goose hunt when I dropped my water bottle into some swampy mucky water and didn't cleen it off enough and took a drink(stooooopid).....It had me so paranoid not knowing what was wrong with me....And Pile on the fact that me and my lovely wife are expecting twins in 3 months I WAS GOING CRAZY WITH WORRY...

    Giardiasis is becoming more prevelant and more common here in the north east.

    Anyway just something else to think about when running our dogs....clean and wash your hands!!!!!(and your water bottle)

    Thanks and have a great time with your dogs!
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