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Thread: Greenhorn needs help

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    Default Greenhorn needs help

    Hi guys and gals. I'm a newbie to training. I have a 15 month old yellow lab who has made a season in the duck blind. She did ok considering who her trainer was and she made 30 or so retrieves this season. The first one didn't go so well but after a couple she got the picture. She has some issues that need work like her lines and casting. She marks ok but could be better. I used the water dog DVD and although it was a step in the right direction but leaves a lot of questions. I learned how to fix problems I ran into from working mans retriever better than from that video. I am getting ready to buy the smart works trading package and use it. Have used e collar to reinforce obedience commands and rarely ever use it. Did very little ff on the ground but never had any problem with her fetching and delivering to hand. She runs hard on land and in water till it gets cold then it slows down in the water. Would really appreciate any advice anyone is willing to give. I just want a good dog to hunt with that I trained myself not looking for a grand champion but want her to be able to handle any situation thanks

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    My first step would be CC with the E-collar. Yes you've used it for OB commands, but that's more of a knee jerk don't do that reaction, not a understanding of pressure. The pup needs to be taught understand and work with varying pressure, you need to learn how to work your dog through it, and how to use the collar effectively. If you get the CC done correctly and actually learn how to use the collar, before you actually start using it in training, you'll save yourself a lot of problems later on. I'm not aware which program does the best job training a handler how to properly CC, it's pretty dog individualistic, there's a lot of dog reading etc. it always worked better for me to get help with someone on a one on one basis.
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