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Thread: Hunting Instinct - Prevention and Control Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrinGreene View Post
    Clearly, the fastest most effective method is e collar conditioning. The +r crowd would tell you that you need to train with high value rewards, but in my experience I've found that even for a pet owner, learning to use the e-collar takes 1/8 as long and is 1000% more effective. If the dogs really know sit and here e-collar conditioning takes about two weeks (less if done by someone experienced). You can buy a good collar for about $300. I recommend Dogtra to most pet ppl because the controls are simple and the transmitter is small.
    Yep - it sounds like the collar will be a great tool with immediate effects. We've done high value rewards and perhaps with great time and effort I could get a better response. But a fresh cut piece of meat (or other food) has always lost out to an acutal living, moving piece of meat.

    The hound just got 15 quills yesterday. I'm fed up and don't want this to escalate. (Sorry about your Wiem).
    It's time for an e-collar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim_de_hunter View Post
    Lost our Wiem last year who had been sprayed by and killed 8 skunks. She thought they were tasty, smell and all. She would go through the invisible fence that would usually knock her off her feet to get them. The fence would stop her at any other time but did nothing to curb her skunk habit. She just couldn't help it. We finally bought a box of douche (4 pack) and rubber gloves (Douche will taint your hands also - just loved going to work smelling like skunk and douche until I started wearing the gloves) because it was the only thing that would kill the smell. She felt bad about it but she just couldn't help it. You may just have to get used to it.

    Hmmm, it's still early and dark on the west coast, can't wait for Bubba to see this.
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