E- Collar Stimulation ! (Constant or Nick ???)
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Thread: E- Collar Stimulation ! (Constant or Nick ???)

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    Default E- Collar Stimulation ! (Constant or Nick ???)

    Not at this point yet with my pup, But just trying to get ahead of game, and learn things in advance !

    Been following Smartworks, and been reading Volume 1, and watching Puppy Program, and the OB video and seems he uses a constant stim. during collar condtioning !

    I have also watched Fowl Dawgs 1, and have read other articles on E-Collar condtion, and some trainers, and owners use nicks instead (Sit "Nick" Sit) or (Here "Nick" Here) just courious which ya'll use, and which ya'll think is more effective, or is both ways have there place ?

    Just trying to get diffrent views and ideas !

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    If you're using Smartwork, then you'll need to use the collar as Evan shows. There is a time & place for both constant & nick, & will serve you best to follow the program.

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