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Thread: Kennel cooling products

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    Default Kennel cooling products

    With summer finally heading our way - slowly but is it coming! I'm thinking about picking up some sort of kennel cooling product to help keep my dog comfortable while he sits in his kennel during those warm hunt test days. After some searching online I've discovered there are a bunch of different products available. Fans, pads, entire misting systems etc.

    Wondering what some of you folks might be using? Any recommendations?


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    Unless it's 95 degrees and 90% humidity if dogs are cooled down properly before going into kennel they are just fine most of the time. When it gets real hot out, parking in shade may be enough or turn on the fans. If you use rubber floor mat take it out when it's hot so dog lays on cooler metal. When it gets really hot you can freeze liter soda bottles filled with water and put one in kennel with dog.
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    Cool the dog down before putting em up.

    Fans & shade. Since you can't always count on finding shade, you might need to think of ways to make your own (umbrellas, sheets, towels, screens, etc.).
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    Myself and a few others in my club got together and purchased "Energy Canopies" they are kinda mesh like aluminum tarps I think they are also used on green houses. We cover the entire truck open all windows and run fans attached to the crate. I have not tried the frozen water bottles but sounds like a good idea . We still dry the dog off before crating and if shades available stake them out to dry .

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    Best thing we did was get a topper for our pickup that has lift-up windows the full length of the sides. With all that ventilation, the truck bed doesn't heat up nearly as much as our other truck that only opened at the tailgate. Shade over the top is also a big help. Haven't tried the frozen bottles yet but it sounds like a good idea. And we do have a big fan that runs off the truck's second battery to move air if necessary.
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    I have to be careful with this, since I am still lobbying for funds to purchase a real dog box.

    I was taught to be sure and park the truck with the windshield into the sun, so you get at least some shade in the back. I use that, and some frozen water bottles when it actually is 95 degrees with 90% humidity here in good ol' Alabama. I am going to buy a fan for his crate to get some air movement and my dog should be OK.

    Biggest thing that has already been mentioned is to get them dry before going in. If you don't, you're setting up their very own sauna in there with potentially horrific results.

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    In the most recent Retrievers Online Dennis reviews a cooloing pad and cooling dog vest that he was impressed with.


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    Saw this on TV the other day and thought I'd pass it along.

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    We installed a fan on top if the double kennel which is very insulated. Down south it is common to have over 95 degree weather. we also use an easyup or umbrella over the truck if no shade. We also have cheap walmart clip on fans that clip to the front of the kennels to push air in and the top fan pulls out so air is always moving. we did try the frozen bottles, but dog was scared of it and would not get in the kennel with it. We will try again this summer since with the water bottles.

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    By the time the temps reach 95 we are normally done training for the day. Start early end early! Find shade or bring your own.

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