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Thread: Kennel cooling products

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck Mann View Post
    In the most recent Retrievers Online Dennis reviews a cooloing pad and cooling dog vest that he was impressed with.

    As well as these cooling vests and pads, the Endless Breeze fan moves a LOT of air .... up to 900 cubic ft per minute (equivalent to a constant 10 mph wind)

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    Hey Karen, if your dog still doesn't like the frozen bottles, try frozen water bowls. Put them in the freezer the night before you head out, and keep them in your cooler.

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    From my take you are talking about kennels at home. I have 11 indoor outdoor runs and have tried about everything. I hooked up misters on the inside runs (5 by 5 Priefert panels) and the dogs all went outside into the sun to get out of them. Dogs don't like to be wet all the time, even in 100 degree weaher, which we get here in Oklahoma A LOT. I used to have all kinds of box fans, big fans, little fans, fans in a row, etc. I found the best thing for me was an old time evaporative air conditioner, the kind that has a box fan in the middle with outer areas that hold water that cools the panels. I tried this with the water on and believe it or not it was too wet. Dogs developed ringworm from too much moisture. Now I just turn the fan on high, and it churns out a concentrated blast of air that put on the dogs. They lay on the concrete although I have mats if they prefer, but it's the coolest thing they have. Outside I hooked up a mister and they can lay in it if they want, but most of the time they don't. If a north wind hits, it will suck some mist in on them. Give your dogs options for cooling if you can, and they can choose how they want to use them. By the way, our outside runs are 10 X 10 ft Priefert runs
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