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Thread: What to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kbayer View Post
    Yes! It's great to hear I am going about this somewhat right! I do give the heel command with a short, sharp tug (Or a series of these). Is this something she will grow out of eventually?
    It's something she'll 'train' out of. As you continue to be consistent about requiring the behavior you desire she will form the good behavior as a habit, so the need for correction will diminish as she ages and matures.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kbayer View Post
    I realize she is just a young puppy, but when do you think I could expect her to start listening, or at least aknowledging my presence) in the face of distractions, like other people, animals, and objects?
    In your Sound Beginnings DVD Jackie shows how to treat train for fundamental commands. This isn't formal training. It's really just conditioning, but that's what we do with pups. Don't test; teach. Don't heel on a leash for a day or two, and then try it off leash. People do that all the time, and then wonder why their training falls apart.

    At 15 weeks you can be more insistent upon obedience, but be patient. Keep teaching. Keep your pup on leash or a lightweight rope for control. Let me know anytime I can be of help.

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    I would also recommend the Hillman puppy dvd. I found it very nice, positive approach that shapes a pup's behavior from the get-go and lays a nice foundation for future training no matter whose program you choose to follow. It's not rocket science, but Bill packaged it nicely in an easy to understand format. Merten's video is also good.

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    Thank you for your advice! Kimber is doing very well. I have been giving the command "No, leave it" along with a pop of the leash when she goes after something. I can tell it is sinking in as sometimes I dont even need much pressure, if any on the leash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    I start teaching them to handle about this time. Just put a bowl at each base and then sit her at the pitchers mound. Run the bases and put your hand in each bowl but only drop a hot dog slice in one of them. When you get back to home plate cast her to the bowl with the treat. If she gets it right she is a happy girl and you can move the bowls out a bit after a few successes. If she doesn't get it right call her over and show her you were right all along. No pressure just fun and games.
    It reinforces the sit means sit thing, encourages her to watch you and builds confidence (for both of you).

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    PS- that might be my first official non_GDG post ever
    This has been a great game-been working out very well! we both enjoy it and Kimber has really caught on fast. do you have any other great ideas for 'games' we could play? I've sent in my first application for a local retriever club, and I will be going to my first field trial on April 12th to check things out! pretty excited. thanks everyone for your help

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