Good to know Karen, I thought your test was a quad - so, only 3 of the 4 master stakes started the first series with quads.

Ours was a triple first of all, and then we added the walk up. We were on the 2nd two days of Master tests. Many dogs were handled on the walk-up bird due to bird placement and the 'go' bird (dead bird, one of the middle marks).
After the really long marks from the first 2 days and the dogs being even higher, they blew right through the fall area of the 'go' bird.
The two middle marks were under 100 yds and the flyer (3rd bird down) was 120 -130 yds.

We had a double blind also, but we also had the advantage of having lots of dead birds already shot from the first 2 days.

Debbie Tandoc