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Thread: QUADS IN HTs (Master)

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    I have seen only once, many years ago. It was a water quad on the last series and there were only FIVE dogs left going into it (and this was before the 60 dogs and over split rule, so we started out with well over 60 dogs). Why the judge(s) couldn't let us get out of there with a triple was beyond me, but he set up a quad. Long story short, I had to handle on two of the marks and did not qualify...this was around 4pm on Sunday after my dog did terrific work all weekend. I was disappointed my dog didn't remember those marks, but could never understand-why a quad for five dogs after you've already burned up the field.

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    We've run several quads over the last 2 or 3 years. Like Corey said, it wasn't really a big deal for the dogs. I actually don't mind them as long as they are well placed and not thrown in a pile so you have to worry about switching or return to AOF. The ones we ran were nice ones. The last one we ran was a water series with a flyer, and it took about 8/9 minutes a dog. Everything was fairly short. It wa a pretty fun little test. It was one of the more realistic hunting situations we've run in the last year. I would gladly run under those judges again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by badbullgator View Post
    Eh, not very common, but I see them one a year or so. I love them, it really gets handlers panties in a wad and for the most part the dogs could care less. I have only set one up once and it was actually a delayed quad. The gallery was bitching up a storm, but only a very few dogs failed to pass it.
    As mentioned above it is not something you will often see in a large field of dogs because it takes up too much time. The one I set up only had 25 or so dogs and we had plenty of time.
    Why didn't you try to get the test done in one day? So folks who drove long distance could go home and not have to come back on Sunday?

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    I don't have a problem as a handler or judge with a quad, provided it is well done and makes sense. I've seen a few quads here in the NW and none of them seemed to be giving the dogs any trouble, course nor do I remember there being a real good point to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul "Happy" Gilmore View Post
    Why didn't you try to get the test done in one day? So folks who drove long distance could go home and not have to come back on Sunday?
    don't matter the number of dogs
    don't matter the venue
    if you give a couple judges 20 hours of daylight to use
    more often than nought you ain't gettin' any back
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    My problem with quads is a personell issue. Most clubs do not have the extra birdboy. This forces the marshall to man a gun station in addition to the rebirds, motivational speeches to the bird technicians, making sure there is water and snacks on the ground and the running order becomes a dry erase board in a chair. No possibility for adjustments in the order when someone calls and needs handler X at Junior when they are "putting him on the clock". Or option B is to take the individual who normally delivers lunches, brings poppers, popper guns (these never malfunction), fresh ducks when the others start to sink, and the many other things that a marshall finds he/she needs at the stake and cannot leave to retrieve.

    It may or may not make a good test but someone should take the clubs manpower into account. They should be forbidden in the chaos and confusion of a double master.
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    Fairly rare. I can remember only a handful in the too many years I've played the HT game. The quads that stand out are the "stupid ones" where the judges have just gotten too dang creative for their own good. 4 birds thrown out of boat simultaneously. 3 birds in a pile and a 4th shot out of the test, run a PB blind under the arc. It's not the number of birds tossed, it's the bird placement for each and every bird. If you don't have decent grounds a quad might be a way to test memory. But IMHO there is nothing more elegant than a "simple double" that leaves dogs in la la land and handlers' scratching their heads in wonder.

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    I got two, one a delayed quad, when I ran a double in Colorado last spring. I thought both were well designed, and while the straight up quad gave the dogs some problems I didn't think there was anything inherently unfair about either of them. Both were in the first series, and to tell you the truth, the snakes bothered this little sissy easterner way more than the quads!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brokengunz View Post
    My buddy said there was a quad, with a double blind in one series at the last HT he ran. How common is that. ?
    I'm sure that the judges drew from their memory a hunting situation which was what your buddy saw. Quite a common occurrence in hunting, isn't it?
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    I ran a HT a couple of years ago where they had a qaud on the water in the last series with 40 dogs and we only had around 4 or 5 hours of daylight left. It was swimming water with some heavy cover, two of the marks were fairly long and it took about 20 minutes per dog for the first 5 dogs to run it and only 1 passed. The HT committee told the judges they had to change the test because there wasn't enough time to get it done that day and the couldn't run on Monday. So they shortened up the longest mark which was giving the dogs the most trouble and they ended up getting done right at dark. They didn't have time to rerun the first 4 dogs that failed so they just went ahead and passed them.
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