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Thread: Smallest dog you've trained

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    wasn't Panther 45lbs or so? I know a guy who used to breed for smaller labs. Saw them..they were maybe 40lbs-he called them pocket labs. Said people in big cities like them. Whatever. What is the largest dog (lab) you have run with??
    I personally like larger dogs..longer legs big head/muzzle as we kill many many honkers here. Just seems they pick them up and fling them around so nice.

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    Smoke'N Red Apache*** was all of 48 lbs soaking wet. He placed in a major stake or two, but was sold during our divorce. I think the picture of him on the golden k9 data site makes him look big. We'd been doing water work with him and I wanted to get a picture for an ad, so I toweled him off, rubbing his coat against the 'grain', that way I figured he'd look fluffier and bigger. You know how we fluffy folk are about towels and bandanas.

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