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Thread: Costco Food

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    Default Costco Food

    I've got my dogs on Pro Plan Sport and the costs seems to escalate monthly at Petsmart. Are their any testimonials on the Costco Brands? Kirkland Super Premium? Nature's Choice with Salmon? thanks for the help.

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    I was feeding the Nature's Domain salmon & sweet potato and my dog did well on it I wished it had a little more protein it's only 24%. I switched to Fromm because the Nature's Domain is made by Diamond and they had several recalls on it. I really like the Fromm but it is very expense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Griddoc View Post
    I've got my dogs on Pro Plan Sport and the costs seems to escalate monthly at Petsmart. Are their any testimonials on the Costco Brands? Kirkland Super Premium? Nature's Choice with Salmon? thanks for the help.
    I feed Super Premium mature dog Chicken, Rice & Egg - works for this dog. Also fed the Nature's Choice Salmon & sweet Potato to a dog with allergies - worked for him. Costco does a fairly rigorous vetting of their suppliers (there is someone who used to participate in this forum that can attest to that ) for whatever that's worth.

    Over the years we fed a lot of dogs at our kennel & after we left there. You have to see what works for your dog, we had dogs that I think we could have fed sawdust to & they would have thrived. Costco is certainly less expensive than other brands .

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    I currently am on ProPlan Sport too.

    I fed my pup kirklands brand back when he was around 18 months old, but it only lasted about 4 months before he stopped eating it. He did good on it, but one day, he just stopped eating the food, so I switched back to ProPlan and have not had a problem since.

    Depending on how many dogs you have, ProPlan can add up quickly compared to the cost of Kirklands. I think I used to get 50 lb bag for $25. I think the last I saw it, the price was around $32, which is still very good.

    Kirklands is made by Diamond, so it will be the same as Diamond Naturals, 4Health (Tractor Supply) and a few others out there also.

    If you know of other people who also feed ProPlan. try to see if you can not work out a bulk deal. When they did the last price increase, we were able to work a deal with PetSmart, where we bought 40 bags at one time, but that was also between 8 people, but it gave us all a 6 month supply (some buying more than others). If PetSmart will not do it, and you have a local Pro who feeds the same thing, and you know someone or you have a good relationship with him, see if he will sell it to you.

    Just options out there. I put my pup on ProPlan within the first bag after getting him (from Puppy Chow), and I made the switch once, but ProPlan worked for me, so I do not want to try a switch again, if at all possible. Maybe one of the options outlined above will work for you to be able to stay on it

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    We have been feeding our six Labs the Costco super premium foods for three years now and are very happy.
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    My 4 Tollers and one Lab have been on the Kirkland Salmon and sweet potato all winter and are doing well on it.
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    I switched our entire K9 unit and my personal dogs to Costco's Chicken and rice. After 3 years of feed related ups and downs with our Malinios and Shepards I think we finally found the ticket. The kicker is this.... I am getting it at $1.75 cheaper per bag and the bag has 10 lbs more feed in it. Money ahead for a far superior product then what we have been feeding. With it all the dogs in my Unit are able to stay at their optimal weight, coats and teeth look good and they are full of energy.
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    I have been feeding Kirkland Lamb & Rice for around 15 years. I have never had a problem. Dogs have super coats.I Train, field trial, and hunt. Very satisfied.Good stamina, stool, etc.Fortunately the NW has not had the recalls on Diamond that we feed.
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    I have tried quite a few from multiple sources. Been using Nutra Nuggets for quite a few years. No issues. It is reasonably priced, 26 bucks I believe, and all five dogs are eating it. I like the fact that it is also available in most feed stores in Cali, so i don't have to switch foods on the road. Not sure if it is the best choice however.
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    I switched from Pro Plan Performance to Kirkland Chicken and Rice a couple of years ago after needing to cut costs due to a layoff. I'm back working again but the dogs are doing so well on the Kirkland that I can't come up with a reason to spend more money on the PPP.
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