When to introduce doubles?
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Thread: When to introduce doubles?

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    Default When to introduce doubles?

    I was just wondering when its suggested to start a dog doing doubles. my pup is still very young but I do about 3-4 single dummy retrieves with him on land about 5 times a week. He does very well with it now whether its me or another person throwing the dummy. when is it appropriate to start trying doubles? Not trying to rush things, just curious.

    Can't get him doing water retrieves yet due to water temp.

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    Now before I say this I'm nowhere near a pro or EVEN close my first and only pup is 16 weeks but the reason I'm responding is I am going through it!

    So in saying that I started her a 12 weeks on showing a double, I say showing cuz she didn't always run a double but at least she saw both thrown. I started on the corner of my house and threw the first one in the yard and the second down the side of my house and let her go right when second was thrown. Letting her go on the one down the side of the house makes her come back to me and I would catch her and hold her up and point towards second mark and release her on her name!! When I did this it was ALL praise even if she just got one or ran off with the second cuz at that time she had NO clue what I wanted her to do.

    Now at 16 weeks she is doing wide open 50 yd doubles on a soccer field no problem!
    good luck it's a fun process with these pups

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