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Thread: Food or Tattoos?

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    My grandmother lived to 94. Her favorite sandwich was lard and onion on white bread--later, butter and onion, but missing the lard.
    --Greta Ode
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henlee View Post
    My sister had been knocked up and married off by 17. Her husband was very abusive and she had to leave or she likely would have been killed. It was definitely coming to that. She used state assistance to get her self on her feet. She finished her education and got work and got off assistance when she was able to. She is now a Sargent with the Sheriffs Dept. I am very proud of her. There is alot of abuse in the system, but it is also helping alot of people. I don't think enough is said about the cases where it works out for the best.
    Good for your sister. Glad she is a winner now. Wish there were lots more like her that could get ahead. I bet her life experiences make her a very good LE officer.

    "To become competent in governing others, we must first learn to govern ourselves"
    Waite Phillips

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