What a shock...I'm stunned.
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Thread: What a shock...I'm stunned.

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    Default What a shock...I'm stunned.

    My Nodak blogger friend is reporting that "No gun zones" are being selected by the kooks that want to have their 15 minutes of fame. Really?? Who would have believed that. We KNOW, because that learned professional politician, Diane Feinstein has told us, it has all to do with the number of rounds in a clip of ammo, and of course the "Military styled weapon" that was used, was the only reason for the selection of the 'target'. Or at least, that's her "solution" to the problem.

    All the Democrats have to be so proud of their leadership, and their primary solutions to making our schools safer from the lools of this nation. Remove all morality from what's being taught, provide all forms of video games for these kooks to practice their killing desires, and then wave a white surrender flag so they have an environment similar to shooting fish in a barrel, and it won't matter what form of weapon these kooks use. In such a "target-rich" setting, it's just a matter of WHEN the next wierdo acts, attempting of course to 'outdo' the previous escapade, so his star will be the most noticeable.

    In the meantime, we have the lefties continuing to stick their heads in the sand, lobbying in various statehouses, as my friend Rob Port has discovered even in such a strong conservative state as Nodak, there are still those that are willing to not even try to solve the problem.


    Shocker: New Town Shooter Picked School Because It Was A Vulnerable Gun Free Zone

    Written By:
    Rob Port

    After all the gnashing of teeth about America’s “gun culture” in the aftermath of the New Town shooting, it turns out that what made the school a target for shooter Adam Lanza was anti-gun policy. According to evidence collected by law enforcement, Lanza was methodical in how he picked his target and settled on the school because it was a vulnerable place where he could rack up a big body count before people started shooting back at him.

    This news was leaked previously, but law enforcement at the time denied it, but it’s clear now that what drew Lanza to New Town Elementary was its status as a “gun free zone.”

    The man to whom I spoke, a tough career cop who did not wish to see his name in the newspaper, was in the room when the state cop from Connecticut spoke, said the man was well into his presentation when he began to talk of the spreadsheets that had been found at “the shooter’s” home.

    He didn’t use Lanza’s name, saying he did not want to give him even an hour more of fame, just because that is what Lanza wanted; what all these shooters want, from Tucson to Newtown to Virginia Tech.

    “We keep calling them mass murderers,” the veteran cop to whom I spoke said. “But there should be a new way of referring to them: Glory killers.

    “They don’t believe this was just a spreadsheet. They believe it was a score sheet,” he continued. “This was the work of a video gamer, and that it was his intent to put his own name at the very top of that list. They believe that he picked an elementary school because he felt it was a point of least resistance, where he could rack up the greatest number of kills. That’s what (the Connecticut police) believe.”

    Gun free zones are targets. Every mass shooting in America since 1950, with the exception of the Tucson shooting of former Rep. Gabbie Giffords, has happened in a gun free zone.

    The North Dakota Senate will this week be considering legislation already passed by the state House to allow concealed carry in schools and churches. Many object to this idea, but the actions of shooters couldn’t speak more loudly.

    Gun free zones are targets. When we make a school or a church or a campus a “gun free zone” we make it a target. That needs to stop.
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    Did you see the article that talked about the "spreadsheets" he had? It said it looked almost like doctoral thesis research becuase of how detailed and methodical it was?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Glavich View Post
    Did you see the article that talked about the "spreadsheets" he had? It said it looked almost like doctoral thesis research becuase of how detailed and methodical it was?

    I saw that. Shame on our news organizations for continually hyping up these sickos and their actions. In his head it was literally a competition to see how much killing he could do.

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