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Thread: Dozens of dogs disappear/Idaho

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    littermate to one of our dogs was taken from her back yard in Arizona; she was behind a locked gate. Needless to say they were devastated, criminals are looking for breeding stock or worse. My heart goes out to anyone who's lost a dog in this manner.
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    There are alot of dogs being stolen from AZ as well as everywhere its getting bad really bad. Praying all our buddies stay safe! If you dont have microchips now is a good time.

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    How will microchips help get a dog back from a monster or prevent his being taken? My older dog is chipped, but not the other two. It just seemed there was so much confusion on where the chips were registered I didn't think it would make much difference. I will definitely reconsider!
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    It won't help you get them back if a creep takes them and kills them. In several cases I know of the dogs have been stolen, than escaped and were picked up by animal control or a concerned person that had them scanned and returned back to their owners. If they had not been chipped they would have never made it back home. You have to keep the chips info updated such as a new phone number .
    (below are two animals that were lost and now back home only because of their micro chip. )

    "Thanks to a microchip, we were able to track down Timmy's family. He has been missing for THREE years."

    Spooky who was missing in Miami,FL for 2 weeks has been FOUND & REUNITED!! Thanks to his chip!
    Remember when you find a dog/cat to PLEASE take them in ASAP to check for a micro-chip.
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