American Thinker recently previewed MURPH: The Protector, a feature-length documentary. Anyone who has the time should view this film, since it is now playing in a very limited engagement this week at select Regal Entertainment Group Theatres. The film is based on the life of Lt. Michael Murphy, a U.S. Navy SEAL who died during Operation Redwing.
Four SEALs, Michael Murphy, Marcus Luttrell, Danny Dietz, and Matthew Axelson, were sent on a mission in June 2005 to capture or kill an al-Qaeda leader connected with the Taliban in the mountains of Northern Afghanistan. After being compromised by some goat-herders, the SEALs were ambushed and fought furiously for several hours, with only a lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell, emerging. Unfortunately, a quick-reaction helicopter force sent out on a rescue mission was shot down, killing all 16 aboard.

People might remember Lt. Michael Murphy from Luttrell's book. In it, Luttrell described Murphy as a good friend - "the best officer I ever knew, an iron-souled warrior of colossal, almost unbelievable courage in the face of the enemy."

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