Drills to Tighten up hunt area
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Thread: Drills to Tighten up hunt area

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    Default Drills to Tighten up hunt area

    So I have a finished dog that is a very good marker. However, he tend to extend his hunt area to fast and too big. He needs to be more focused when he is hunting for a mark. Are there any drillers or set ups that woudl help. Do you ever handle when your dog is hunting to force him to stay in a tighter hunt area.

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    try the old "hide the bumper" trick

    This has always worked for us especially if you throw your own marks

    1.tie a long piece of paracord to your bumper,after the mark is thrown and before the dog is sent or enroute reel that bumper in and hide it

    2. when the dog reaches the AOF, determine just how wide a circle you will allow the dog to "roam/hunt"

    3. when the dog starts to get worried and looks like they might abandon the AOF, remind them about the task at hand, DO NOT ALLOW them to leave the AOF..

    4. very discretely drop the bumper when the dog is looking elsewhere

    5. Holler "hunt it up" or "hup hup" or similar to tighten their search

    6. Big time praise for the dog when they pick it up and find it

    If the dog looks to you for help, DO NOTHING...make the dog solve the problem, You are teaching the dog to hang in there and dig that mark out of the dirt...a dog's internal clock is ticking, they know that if they dont find the bird in a certain amount of time that its usually followed by a nick or even a burn..You are rewarding the dog for perservering, it will help build their confidence knowing that as long as they stay in the AOF and hunt the bird is theirs
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    Birds and good bird boys.

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    There's a drill on Farmer and Aycock's Problems and Solutions dvd just for this. Have helper at 100 yards and throw a black 2 in bumper out into the field, the cover should be ankle high or a little higher, send dog. The helper throws a total of 5 marks, each one into the area of the fall but not to the same spot. The black bumper makes it a little harder for the dog to find, and because each mark is thrown in around the same area the dog learns in he stays in that fairly tight area he will dig it out. I actually bought a half a dozen 2 in black bumpers to do this drill when my blf was hunting too big of a area and did it only about 3 times over several days and believe it worked. Hope this was helpful, good luck.

    Jeff Warren

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