4 bdrm 3 1/2 bath, mud room, garage, living room, den, large covered porch

Original half of house was completely gutted and remodeled 8 years ago. New half was completely new 1 year ago.

Sits on top of ridge looking back at Lookout mountain. 5 acres for sell. I own over 20 acres around the property for sale. We will be selling and building on it beside this property.

Kennel - 11 runs in main, all block, front has kitchen and shop area, back is open room for overflow dogs and training classes during winter. All heated and cooled.

Some fields and access to pond.

The price includes our client list. Over $30k yearly in boarding. This is a secondary business for us and has become too much. Stopped training two years ago but there is still a lot of demand.

Hardwareman24@gmail.com. Please email for more pictures. Thanks for looking.