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Thread: Homicide watch DC

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    Default Homicide watch DC

    Anybody ever see this website?


    Very interesting. I wish they showed photos of the perpetrators too. A random sampling of names of perps seems to indicate a hight probability that many of them are also black. This may be a big reason why there seems to be such a dichotomy of opinions on gun control. I don't think I know anybody who has murdered anyone or been murdered. I also knew that a high percentage of folks murdered were minority, and primarily black, but scrolling through those photos of victims really brought home what must be happening in those communities. Very strange pathology. Apparently they are going to start a similar site for Chicago.
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    I knew a few on both sides of it. In every case but 1 the person killed was no loss to society. Ironically a high school friend almost walked on an attempted murder charge because the guy he shot missed his court date because he was in jail for rape. Today if he had shot that guy there would have been no charges except for the discharge of the weapon. It pretty much ruined his life. If the media told the whole story of these things there would be way less sympathy for these so called victims, but it doesn't fit their agenda or they are called racist for bringing it out.

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