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Thread: Pups vs Started dogs

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    I bought a started female (2 years old) CBR from Daphne Black (off this forum) a few years ago. The dog had tiny cataracts that Perdue and Cornell both said were not genetic, but because of them she could not be bred. I took her to North Dakota where she made a 3/4 mile round-trip retrieve on a wing tipped goose. She also is an excellant pheasant dog. Best $2000 I ever spent.
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    I paid $1,500 for a 6 week old puppy. 3 weeks later puppy got parvo and died. Grand total invested $3,400.00 and NO puppy!

    Just something to think about.

    Lonnie Spann
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    Another thing to consider is if you want to hunt the dog....

    Do you want to take it hunting this year, or next year?

    IMHO if I got a pup tomorrow I still would not hunt it this fall.

    Marissa Everett

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdnordahl View Post
    I would also strongly recommend you see the dog work in person so you can see what your buying.
    I would think you would absolutely do this regardless of price, although as the price goes up this would be even more important. To me anyway. But I am probably one of those gluttons for punishment who will always want the puppy.

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    Starter it is. Sure I'd love a pup. Get to name it all. But the heart ache of illness would suck. Odds of it being dumber than a box of broken hammers and money spent would also suck. I have started my homework and will have to save up. Thanks for the advice.

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    I have just purchased a started dog about a month ago. Its like waiting for christmas morning all over again, waiting til I can bring my buddy home!!

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