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Thread: hillman dvd thoughts

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    I am new here and new to the training process. I just got my new pup and would like to train him on my own if time allows. I was just wondering everyones thoughts on the hillman dvd's. any advice would be great. Also how long should I wait before starting the training process.

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    I reviewed Days 1 and 2 and started on the little things like Watson learning his name, house breaking him, and just having fun. It has taken at least three weeks before he is ready for the Day 1 program.. He sits consistently, can stand some leash pressure while sitting, is running out for his bumpers and "road kill" toys, and I cheated a little and threw a duck for him. He is returning with the bird after running out to get it. Today, because of the snow depth, I threw some 20-30 yard bumpers and a Dokan from near the fall, and he had no trouble. However, after his long walk with my two other Goldens, he was done for the day and is now napping. We have plenty of time (I hope) so I am not rushing him. Bill Hillmann is giving a seminar in June for the Presque Isle Retriever Club of Erie PA and I hope to have Watson somewhere in the middle of the month by then. Remember, not every dog can progress on Bill's daily schedule. It might take several months to get through the Puppy program. Enjoy your dog and the teaching process! Watson 1-9-2103
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