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Thread: Some ideas for angle entries

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    Tuneup drills

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    Tim said:
    Okay for distance but as the angle changes the dog needs to enter the water differently.
    In the three photos there are three different piles (setups). Each is placed closer to the corner of the pond providing three increasingly more difficult (and different) angles of entry.

    A dog runs four bumpers from the pile at the "easy" angle while gradually moving back for distance. Then a second pile is placed to create a more difficult angle (and so on). The shrubs stay in the same place (just move the line). There are essentially three different "angles/lines" and they do not have to be completed in one session (depends on the dog).

    edit: The "faux' shrubs are made from plastic electric fence posts with three small "hanks" of raffia attached to the tops. At the end of training season, the "raffia" goes back on my boat blind.
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    Jim Boyer

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    Great idea! We will use this as soon as the ice melts (plus a few degrees) in the Erie area.
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