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Thread: Dogtra electronics and chargers

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    Default Dogtra electronics and chargers

    I have an older set of Dogtra electronics that I use on my wingers. I have misplaced the charger. I also have a couple of Dogtra bark collars. The connection ends on the chargers for the bark collars fit the the transmitter and receivers as well. Will it hurt to use the bark collar chargers until I find the correct charger? Afraid that I may never find the original charger so may eventually have to purchase one.

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    Any 12 volt charger will work as long as the connector is the right size, I have 6 Dogtra rechargable collars, all those chargers have a smaller connector, the end opening is too small to fit on my Dogtra electronics. Many of the chargers for Dogtra e-collars are the right size, but the wrong voltage.
    If the charger sticker specs. read 12 vdc and the connector is the the right size, it is good to go.

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    I'm not sure what kind of batteries you have, but just make sure the chargers aren't for lithium batteries. Seems lithium batteries need a special charger.
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