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Thread: Hip guarantee question

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    I'd want a copy of the Pre-lims, for my vet to examine, you need the documentation. Still if you have it in your contract result at 24mt. you don't have to accept pre-lims, that's not your contract. But as he's so non-chalant about putting a 14mt dog down, that he's invested so much money in, perhaps has a vet agreeing to it, and doesn't want to wait, it seems like something else is going on. It doesn't make any since unless the dog is crippled or having other health issues, associated with the hips poor rating. Doesn't seem like an owner I want any of my pups with, You might want to get the dog back, for that reason alone. If you do refund the money the dogs is yours, he cannot put it down, still I'm wondering about her condition with a situation like this.

    I have seen a dog come back good-fair after a semi-dys prelim, I've seen them come back good on a very large dog, after the Orto-vet told me to wait another year and send them in at 3. Dogs particularly big dogs grow slower, hips and bone structure can still be changing, (there's a reason they are called Pre-lims)dogs are still growing, if the rating couldn't change they'd just be Lims & OFA wouldn't make you wait until 2. Let's not forget bad positioning, wrong interpretations etc.
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    Get the pup back. I had a pup preliminary mild. Then came back good at 24 mths.
    Get pup back. Wait and re do the xrays. Results may surprise you.
    Also been told not to X-ray right around a heat cycle
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    What Huntemup said. Could very well be bad positioning. But with the put her down attitude, get the dog....
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    Agreeing with everything said here, but make sure you have any registration papers signed over to you and in hand from this owner when you get the dog and before any money changes hands.
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    A friend of mine had a dog that was OFA "mildly dysplastic." Not only did she live to be 16, but never took a bad step her entire life.

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    I would pay the fellow for the pup and take her back. It is possible that she was x-rayed slightly before or after being in heat and this could have a bearing on the prelim as well as how the positioning was done at time of x-ray. I doubt she will get worse than mildly dysplastic. If she doesn't get a number at 24 mos., she can always be spayed and still make a great dog.

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    If its mild it can likely live a fine life... Neuter/Spay, get it back, give him a refund and find a good home for it...

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    I bought one of my pups back from a guy one time. Actually my wife made me do it after we found out how the dog was being treated poorly. Best thing that ever happened to me or the dog. She has been a great hunting dog for13 yrs and the easiest dog I ever trained once we over came her poor social skills.

    Not about health issues or guarantees but do the right thing by the dog,

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    i had a guy call me and tell me he didn't want his dog any more because "he crapped in obedience class." Said it was so embarassing and stinky...how that was my fault as the breeder was beyond me. He wouldn't even bring the dog back to my home--he brought it to my office.

    Had a friend who lived down the street from him. Right after he returned my 1-yr old dog, he showed up with two yellow pups that were from "champion" bloodlines. Shortly after, one of the pups couldn't walk or stand...then the other. They were both affected with CNM.

    My pup left in the back seat of a cadillac to his new home a few weeks later.


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    Give him his money and get your puppy.

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