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Thread: What a year!

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    Default What a year!


    Well this guy (Roux's Blazin Chocolate Moose) turned 1 today and let me tell you it has been a wild time. (it took 15 mins to get the picture on the right. still better than the new year's eve fiasco where his mama wanted him to where a funny hat.) This is the first dog I've ever been completely responsible for and also paid for. I started out wanting a meat dog, then a dog that i might could run a test or 2, next came wanting to train more for tests, now i'm devoting all my efforts to turning him into a trial dog and hunting will take back seat (although he will get a fair share i'm sure. timber hunting is just tough to do with a dog). We've had some rough times mostly due to handler error. No matter what his mama says he is a dang good dog. But little did i know he was preparing me for what was to come. a month after we brought him home we found out we were expecting our first child. Luckily i had him around to catch more of the hormones than i did so i am eternally in his debt. i know there are many more dogs in my future and more than likely better trained ones but i just find it hard to believe they'll ever hold the spot that he has right now.

    Now i'm sure yall are probably wanting to see his brother from a different litter (Carter Harrison Mhoon)


    and the family shot (minus the old lady)

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    Very cute the baby of course. Good luck! Thanks for sharing.
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